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About Me

Dr. Cheryl Alper, DMD

My passion for working with people combined with my creative and artistic nature lead me down a path to dentistry. 
I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and years later found myself raising my own family in a  similar type of friendly neighborhood in which I was raised. As a matter of fact, this is the same type of setting in which I now practice dentistry. 
 I attended Muhlenberg College in Allentown Pennsylvania as a double major in biology and psychology. As a dentist, I can say that both of these courses of study are used on a daily basis!! I then went to Temple University In Philadelphia where I graduated as a doctor of dental medicine. 
I practiced for many years as an associate in Philadelphia and met and married my soulmate. Interestingly, my husband spends his days in the merchandising and distribution of candy!! We are a match made in heaven.
While working I raised my 3 children, none of whom acquired my interest in teeth. My eldest son is an internet technology guru, my daughter has recently graduated medical school and is entering her residency program, and my youngest son is a student at West Chester University as a physical education major. My fourth child, Sadie, has a tail and 4 legs and was acquired from a shelter in New Jersey. She was abandoned by her family after their home was involved in a house fire. One of the items on my bucket list for retirement is to volunteer at this shelter and  help care for the many dogs living there. Not to worry, retirement is many years away!

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