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Dental Services Provided

My staff and I pride ourselves in offering exceptional dental care to our community in a private setting. This means that you will usually see the same staff members each time you visit us. We know all of our patients by name, and soon you will know our names as well. We allow sufficient time during your appointment to address all of your concerns and work along with you to find a convenient time by offering evening and early morning choices. Appointments times are adhered to as closely as possible so that wait times are kept to a minimum.

Dental Check-Up


The Care You Deserve

We see most of our healthy patients twice each year checking for gum health, cavities, and signs of oral cancer. For patients that have less than perfect dental health, we may see them more often such as three or four times each year. Treatment is always personalized based upon each patients individual needs. This may help treat issues related to gum disease. At each visit we review your medical issues and discuss your medications. This will ensure a seamless gap between your oral and general health.

Digital Radiography


Taking Care of You

Digital radiography is a form of x-ray imaging where sensors are used instead of traditional film. This enables the image to be imported directly into our computer software and stored electronically to your health record. We can then share this image with other health professionals and insurance company making communication quick and easy. Most importantly, digital radiography reduces the patient’s exposure to radiation—usually by70 to 80 percent because it takes less radiation to expose the image. Visualization of pathology found on these images is often made easier due to the fact that we can enlarge, magnify, and change the contrast of the image. What does this all mean?? Better dentistry for our patients.



Helping You Get Healthy

Despite all our efforts, there may be times when a patient is diagnosed with dental decay or perhaps a broken tooth. Thanks to recent advances in dental materials we have an assortment  of  restorative materials from which to choose depending on the size and location of the defect. Often we can reconstruct missing tooth structure so easily and perfectly that it becomes indistinguisable from the natural tooth. We research all the materials we use so that our patients are assured we use only the highest quality available.

Crowns, Bridges, Implants, and Dentures


Replacing Missing Teeth

Crowns are used for full coverage when a single tooth needs to be covered completely due to loss of integrity and/or structure. We use a local laboratory that employs talented artisans to create custom crowns of various materials depending on their placement. We have a choice of full porcelain or porcelain fused to a metal substructure for greater strength.
Sometimes after a tooth is lost, patients are given multiple choices for replacement. Fixed bridges literally bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth. A bridge contains several crowns joined together with a solid or false tooth in the center. It is permanently cemented and requires little more than normal brushing and flossing. 
Another way of replacing misssing teeth is to choose a dental implant. The implant fixture is placed in the bone at the site of the missing tooth by an oral surgeon. You can picture this as replacing the roots of the tooth that had been removed. We work very closely with several local surgeons who can perform this part of the treament. After a period of time, usually just a few months, the implant will be firmly fixed to the bone and patients return to our office at which time a crown is constructed to fit into the implant portion. Many patients feel this is the most realistic method to replace a tooth and often they say that it feels just like their real tooth!!!
Our office has a close working relationship with a local prosthodontic laboratory. They masterfully create full and partial dentures based on our impressions and measurements. The days of uncomfortable removable appliances is over!! We deliver many dentures with flexible clasps that are metal free. Our most exciting new advance in dentistry is the implant supported denture. These dentures snap into place fitting securely on implants placed into the jawbone giving our patients comfort and confidence while wearing their appliance. 

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